Fibre in Asherville / Sydenham / Sherwood / Sparks and Surrounds

After there was interest shown in the Glenwood and Surrounds project, we started to expand our horizons. Once we started our ventures on forums, WhatsApp groups and other places. Asherville or the greater area known as Sydenham flew onto our radar.

While we were busy talking to Fibre Network Operators (FNO’s) and posting updates in the Whatsapp groups, a new FNO player entered the game. Welcome, Hyperhood.

Hyperhood has shown keen interest in shaking up the FNO game by working together with ISP’s and bringing affordable, high-quality fibre internet to the field. Alongside their assistance, this brings down the average pricing and reflects directly to the consumer.

Just have a look at our packages which are subject to change.

Once word had spread, other FNO’s started ramping up their plans to tackle the area. One of them being Metrofibre, who has been extremely aggressive in the whole of KZN in 2021. 

The last player to the area would be Mitsol and Openserve. While we don’t have packages on Mitsol, Openserve is another story.

We offer live support, answer questions and assist users in our discord. Sometimes we even hop on into the voice chat to receive feedback, talk about upcoming features for gaming and more.

Dont use Discord? You can always WhatsApp us directly on 031 109 0757. Yes, that number works with WhatsApp.