Fibre in Glenwood / Bulwer / Umbilo and Surrounds

We at Ghostfibre have been hard at work for over 16 months to bring fibre to the Glenwood and Surrounds area, while our initial projects didn’t take off, it wouldn’t be long before rollouts started pouring in.

It is a rather long tale and one we would actually like to discuss, but we shall hold our tales for another time. The fact of the matter is, the long fight we had of bringing fibre to the area has finally been won. We did it, and we are proud to tackle our next challenge of becoming one of the best ISP’s in the business.

Now onto the list of network operators who have been working with us for the Glenwood and Surrounds projects.

Our first Fibre Network Operator (FNO) being Lightstruck. You can find their coverage in the map below:

LIGHTSTRUCK KEY: Red = Planning, Orange = Construction and Green = Live

Things were progressing slowly and the rollouts were mostly just a rumour until we got the final go-ahead from Lightstruck. Not long after we saw some leaves rustling as Metrofibre started rolling in at a rapid pace, with fast rollouts and a much wider coverage goal for the area. You can find their coverage map below.

As you can see their coverage spans from Sherwood/Sydenham all the way down to Umbilo industrial. For more on the Sydenham area, please visit this page. For the Glenwood and Surrounds area, Metrofibre has been fast at work.

Our story has only just begun as we head into our next chapter of bringing a new name as an internet service provider, with our passion thrown into the mix. We want to be more than an ISP who “just works” we want to wow you with low routing, custom offerings and an actual functioning customer support system. Don’t believe us? Just WhatsApp our number 031 109 0757.

Any major news will be posted to our NEWS page.

We offer live support, answer questions and assist users in our discord. Sometimes we even hop on into the voice chat to receive feedback, talk about upcoming features for gaming and more.

Dont use Discord? You can always WhatsApp us directly on 031 109 0757. Yes, that number works with WhatsApp.