Hyperhood July 2021 Promotions

We at Ghostfibre are excited to announce our promotional pricing for Hyperhood. This is focused on the Sydenham, Springfield and surrounds area.

  • Get the first 4 months at major discount when you order/pre-order in July 2021. 
  • Get a 25/25 Mbps at R199 for 6 months when you order/pre-order in July 2021.

These packages are Month-to-Month, Uncapped, and Unshaped. On top of that, there is no hidden clause, and no contract to sign.

While you will need to pay a Once-Off Installation fee of R1799 plus a router. You are also welcome to supply your own router and we will gladly assist in configuring it. We recommend the Tenda AC8 for R599.

You can view our routers and extra offerings by following the buttons below.

Not sure if you are covered? Be sure to check out our fancy new coverage checker and map. Otherwise please refer to Hyperhoods Coverage Map

Please note

The promotion will only apply to those who place their orders in July 2021. After the first 4 months (on 50-200 Mbps) and 6 Months on the 25 Mbps, the pricing will be as follows.

  • 10 / 2 Mbps – R499.00 pm
  • 25 / 25 Mbps – R599.00 pm
  • 50 / 50 Mbps – R799.00 pm
  • 100 / 100 Mbps – R999.00 pm
  • 200 / 200 Mbps – R1,199.00 pm

You are welcome to downgrade at the end of the promotion.

We offer live support, answer questions and assist users in our discord. Sometimes we even hop on into the voice chat to receive feedback, talk about upcoming features for gaming and more.

Dont use Discord? You can always WhatsApp us directly on 031 109 0757. Yes, that number works with WhatsApp.